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Djinda Kaal Dreaming

Djinda Kaal Dreaming
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Painting is my passion and the way I can express myself through life. I strive to reinvent my artwork by experimenting with different techniques with a few of my pieces done in 3D image which captures the eye with a rhythmic combination of vibrant colours making each piece jump out at you The strong connection I feel for my people gives me a deep sense of belonging as a Noongar Artist, which is why it's important to be close with my people to bring the past into the present for the future with my paintings. My love for my culture, the land, my people and most importantly my family is what helps me stay grounded. Aboriginal people are gifted story tellers and many of my paintings are about my people in the hunter and gatherer days, being nomadic people who lived by the six season. Djinda Kaal is my artist name in Noongar meaning 'Star Fire' which my beautiful mother chose for me.

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Baldivis WA 6171

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