Our Vision

The WAITOC - Western Australian Indigenous Tourism Operators Council - Board is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the Council. As a governing board, it guides and directs the Council, sets performance goals, ensures corporate compliance and management accountability, endorses strategic plans and approves operating budgets. The Board ensures that WAITOC has the resources necessary to achieve goals and outcomes on behalf of its members.

Our Vision

To see the creation of a vibrant authentic Aboriginal tourism industry as an integral component of Australia’s tourism industry.

For Western Australia to become the premier destination in Australia for authentic Aboriginal experiences. Our aim is to create a vibrant Aboriginal component of Western Australia’s tourism industry, raising the profile of Aboriginal tourism at a state, national and international level.

It is an exciting time for the Aboriginal tourism sector to become a key player in the tourism industry showcasing our unique point of difference to the rest of the world.

In 2030, WA is the world's best First Nations tourism destination driven by a self-determined and highly capable Aboriginal tourism industry and supported by WAITOC's member capacity-building, business support and infrastructure.

Our Mission

To be the premier Aboriginal advocacy body educating and leading government and industry on the aspirations of
Aboriginal tourism businesses and their global market.

Our Core Values

WAITOC empowers its members to embrace their cultural identity in order to honour and respect their ancestors and Elders, both past and present. With traditions of the oldest living culture restored, the outcomes at a social and economic level become more progressive and offer the opportunity to create pride in its people.

Showcasing these traditions fosters current and potential market understanding, sensitivity, and awareness. Appropriate access and engagement with these traditions is a key consideration for developing a sustainable Aboriginal tourism industry in Australia.

WAITOC's corporate values encompass both traditional and commercial components but are clearly differentiated as they give priority to the culturalisation of commerce and not the commercialisation of culture.

Connection to Country
WAITOC believes in the intergenerational rights/obligations of First Nations groups for the spiritual and cultural care of the land, seas, rivers and sky. This provides the basis for WAITOC's advocacy role to ensure fairness, acknowledgement, and respect.

Welcome to Country
WAITOC believes that together, provision of safe passage and reciprocal acknowledgement results in mutual benefits. The importance of mutual benefits provides the basis for WAITOC's development of effective partnerships. 

Facilitating Corroborees
WAITOC is a place where people interested in Aboriginal tourism can come together to share, learn and benefit from each other. This provides the basis for WAITOC's business development, education, advocacy, marketing and networking role.