Australia’s Top Tour Guide, Rosanna Angus, has launched a new cultural tour, in partnership with Australian Geographic, for women only.

Rosanna, a Jawi woman and owner of Oolin Sunday Island Tours, which provides exclusive boat access to her ancestral home on Ewuny (Sunday Island), has decided to add another string to her bow by launching a new tour on the mainland designed exclusively for women.

TA_NECI_WA_OolinSundayIsland_020722_SENG3116cropped.jpgThe five-day itinerary features immersive experiences that highlight the role of women in the Bardi Jawi community as providers and gatherers for their families. Rosanna’s guests are invited to take part in activities such as foraging for bush tucker, fishing, oystering and shell craft. IMG_1840.jpg

The Bardi and Jawi people are the traditional owners and custodians of the Dampier Peninsula in Western Australia. They have a rich and vibrant culture that spans thousands of years, and a strong connection to their land and sea, which Rosanna is passionate about sharing.

Although her tours are for women, Rosanna wanted her guests to experience the full range of on-Country experiences so she is collaborating with male tour guides such as Bolo Angus from Southern Cross Cultural Walk and Terry Hunter from Borrgoron Coast to Creek Tours to share cultural knowledge and perspectives that are unique to their roles in the community.


“I can share my stories and knowledge, but I can’t share others,” Rosanna explained. “I felt our guests would be missing out if they didn’t get to learn about all the wonderful aspects of our culture. We want them to experience the best the peninsula has to offer.” 

To book your next adventure on the Dampier Peninsula with Rosanna, click here.

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