All you thrill seekers, or cultural aficionado’s, would be excited by what Mabu Buru already has to offer. From feeding the biggest reptile on the planet, the amazing crocodile, to learning about lore, kinship and native foods. Mabu Buru has something for everyone, at one of the most beautiful spots in Western Australia’s outback.

With four thrilling and diverse tour options already running, Mabu Buru Tours has launched yet another one! Called Wakaj, meaning the coming together of family, this is the only tour that features traditional Aboriginal dance in Broome.

After a warm welcome and introduction from Johani Mamid, Mervyn Mulardy will lead in the Pintirri Dancers, for a performance that is traditionally known as Maru! Although Maru traditionally has a strong spiritual purpose, you will witness a tradition performed at family gatherings for fun and entertainment. You will learn about the Yawuru and Karajarri culture, history and country, and also get to experience the Bugarrigarra (The Dreaming) through stories, songs and dance.

The Pintirri Dancers will guide you into the sunset with the sounds of traditional Karajarri songs. You get to enjoy this performance next to a warm and homely fire, where you will also be treated to some bush-style tea, coffee and delicious damper — prepared and cooked the traditional way!

Wakaj is a typical gathering of Johani and Mervyn's family, which they are proud to share with you through this experience!

Learn more here!

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