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Just over the Hills Tag Along Tours

Just over the Hills Tag Along Tours
Category: Cultural Tours
Tagalong Tours
Cultural Tours
Four-Wheel Driving
Aboriginal owned & operated

Just Over the Hills tours are a truly unique way to experience the northern Kimberley. More than just tours, they are immersive, wild and enriching experiences that are guaranteed to leave an imprint on your soul. They’ll change your whole perspective; on the Kimberley, on traditional culture, on nature and on life. These are multi-sensory and multi-awesome experiences. Your senses will be flooded with the unique aromas, sights and sounds that pervade this ancient landscape. And your sense of touch will be well exercised as your 4WD negotiates rocky jump ups and ploughs through rivers and sand.

At the end of your tour, you can get some perspective on your experience from the lookout at the top of the majestic Bastion in Wyndham. There you’ll gaze across the confluence of the Kimberley’s five great rivers towards the Timor Sea, and over the hills to the heart of Balanggarra Country where your epic adventure unfolded.

From the guided off-road bus tour of the Gibb River Road to the 5 day Northern Balanggara Lands tag-along trip and the epic and gruelling Oombi Track adventure, we have something for everyone. Learn how to carve a boab nut and try your lungs on a didgeridoo. You can taste bush figs if you’re lucky but there’s always the nutty delight of boab sherbet to be found. Keep your eye out on our site and in our newsletter for new adventures in the planning – we’re broadening our horizons and fleshing out our offering over the coming months.

Find yourself. Just Over The Hills.

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1707 Great Northern Hwy, Wyndham, W.A. 6740

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