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Luxury clothing accessories feature artworks of contemporary Indigenous Australian artists, showcased on stunning clothing in handcrafted and sustainable fabrics. We also produce silk and cashmere scarves; as well as a limited range of silk neckties, bowties and pocket squares. Our exclusive designs revolve around identity through exploring Aboriginal artwork, traditions, culture and connection to our land. Spirited products that capture the essence of Australia.

"When we paint - whether it is on our bodies for ceremony or on bark or canvas for the market - we are not just painting for profit. We are painting as we have always done to demonstrate our continuing link with our country and the rights and responsibilities we have to it. Furthermore, we paint to show the rest of the world that we own this country, and that the land owns us."
- Galawuy Yunupinga, 1993

Kirrikin is an Aboriginal word that roughly translates as "Sunday's best clothes". We are proud to introduce the word Kirrikin to you, it was a part of the original language recorded by missionaries visiting the Hunter Valley early in the 1820’s – it is also part of Wonnarua language revitalisation.

We personally source every artist to carefully curate our ranges, having found some amazing artists and artwork emerging, with a whole genesis in style, message and intent. These artworks provide a perfect transition to fabric; it’s also very interesting to note how many of the artists had a dream that their work would ultimately end up on fabric.

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