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Kingsound Discovery

Kingsound Discovery
Category: Cultural Tours
Cultural Tours
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Aboriginal owned & operated

KingSound Discovery is a tourism business, located approximately 170km north of Broome on the Dampier Peninsula in the remote Kimberley of Western Australia. The Dampier Peninsula is surrounded by the Indian Ocean to the west and north, and King Sound to the east. With massive tides, coastal inlets, bays, mangroves and plenty of bush tucker, KingSound Discovery is the perfect opportunity for owner Terrence Howard to share his culture and passion with his guests.

Terrence is a proud Bard Baniol man and also known by his bush name Emunell.

Terrence commenced his tourism business in 2021 and is committed to ensuring visitors to this area can experience his family’s country and learn of the rich history and heritage of the Howard Family. Guests will learn and experience cultural practices and traditions of the Bard Baniol people.

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Cygnet Bay Rd, Dampier Peninsula WA 6725

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