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Wadumbah Aboriginal Dance Group

Wadumbah Aboriginal Dance Group
Category: Festivals & Events
Cultural Dance
Small or large Groups
Aboriginal owned & operated

Wadumbah Aboriginal Dance Troupe is an exciting, professional Aboriginal dance group from the South-West of Western Australia. Led by renowned didgeridoo player James T Webb, the group offers a variety of performances from ten minute power performances to longer shows. The performances are tailored to suit a wide range of events and venues, including concert and festival spots, event ceremonies, street parties and children/ family shows and Welcome To Country presentations.

Wadumbah means ‘Big Flood Waters’, and they truly live up to their name. Their presentation is visually spectacular, with their traditional Aboriginal tribal paint and dynamic dance style. Coupled with powerful didgeridoo playing and woven together with stories of the Dreaming, their shows are a breathtaking experience.

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