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Ardyaloon Trochus Hatchery & Aquaculture Centre

Ardyaloon Trochus Hatchery & Aquaculture Centre
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Beach Access
Aboriginal owned & operated

Welcome to Ardyaloon Hatchery, situated at the tip of the Dampier Peninsula in Western Australia’s spectacular Kimberley region. Here you can learn about the Bardi-Jawi people’s strong connection to their saltwater traditions and get up close and personal with some of the fish and coral species most prevalent in the area.

The Ardyaloon Hatchery was established to address the declining stocks of the Trochus niloticus shell and seek to create a commercially sustainable industry harvesting the shell.

The hatchery has been successful in restocking juvenile trochus to support community members commercially fishing for the species and for sale to the Australian aquarium industry.

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One Arm Point, Dampier Penisula, WA

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