Record breaking rain and floods in WA's Northwest have left roads and bridges impassable, isolating Fitzroy Crossing, Derby, Broome and some of the region's remote communities. Our thoughts are with you all and your inspirational stories about the strength and resilience of the people who have pulled together.

Here is the feedback from Mankaja Arts:

Amidst unprecedented flooding we would like to let everyone know that Mangkaja, like much of Fitzroy Crossing has been affected.

324150752_633138525281810_9061744482389584389_n.jpgWe have had enormous support from the community in ensuring most of our artwork and precious artefacts have been saved, but we are waiting for flood waters to subside to assess the full extent of the damage.

Mangkaja Arts thanks artists, staff, family and friends for doing all they can in extremely difficult times. This includes Sarka, Andrea, Nat, Ben, Hozaus, Raymond and many others who have given much of their time getting artwork up high and dry.

It is very difficult to witness the extent of the damage across the region, but this amazing community is doing everything to ensure everyone is safe.


Photos by Andrea Myers.

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