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Njaki Njaki Cultural Tours

Njaki Njaki Cultural Tours
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Join Njaki Njaki Traditional Owner and Aboriginal tour guide Mick and undertake a cultural walking tour of Merredin Peak and the surrounding reserve. Learn about the rich Aboriginal history via a walk along the trail up the rock and be rewarded with delightful views of the town and reserve land to the East.  Learn about the Njaki Njaki peoples creator that shaped the landscape we now see today through the Moulyk Dreaming Tour. We can provide tailor made tours on request.  Merredin is a town in Western Australia, located in the Central Wheatbelt roughly midway between Perth and Kalgoorlie, on Route 94, Great Eastern Highway.  The town’s name is derived from the Aboriginal word “merrit-in” the place of the merrit tree, a eucalypt used to make spears.

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Merredin WA 6415

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