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Gambanan Wilderness Retreat

Gambanan Wilderness Retreat
Category: Accommodation & Campgrounds
Safari Tents
Dogs welcome
Staircase to the Moon
Tours are available
Aboriginal owned & operated
Operates on weekends

The best kept secret of the Dampier Peninsula, a location of unparalleled beauty and home of the Davey family, where their traditions and family are forever an integral part. Located just before One Arm Point Community it is a short 1.5km drive off the main road at the turnoff.
At Gambanan Wilderness Retreat you will be immersed in an amazing cultural experience for the whole family. A range of camping choices include facilities for campers, camper trailers, caravans, plus furnished safari tents.
A variety of tours are available and cultural experiences with the family who share a passion and connection to the beauty and remoteness of this unique and pristine location. One if the best places to view staircase to the moon.

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One Arm Point Road, Dampier Peninsula WA

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