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Girloorloo Tours at Mimbi Caves

Girloorloo Tours at Mimbi Caves
Category: Accommodation & Campgrounds, Bushfood Experiences, Cultural Tours
Modern Camp Ground
BBQ Shelter & Facilities
Walking Cave Tour
Share Knowledge of Bush Tucker
Aboriginal owned & operated
Operates on weekends

Mimbi Caves | Amazing cultural history and spectacular geology.

The spectacular and delicate limestone formations, brilliantly vivid colours and icy cold, crystal clear freshwater pools are all that remain of the Devonian Great Barrier Reef that was formed over 350 million years ago.
Mimbi cave system reveals ancient large scale fossilised reefs that are amongst the best preserved in the world. This extraordinary location attracts geologists from all over the world.

Your guides will share a wealth of information on how the cave systems were formed, pointing out various rock formations including speleothems, tall slender stalagmites, shawls, flowstones and sparkling calcite crystals formed over millennia.

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Great Northern Hwy, Mueller Ranges WA 6770, Australia

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