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Darngku Heritage Cruises

Darngku Heritage Cruises
Category: Cultural Tours
2 hour morning cruise
Billy Tea or Coffee
Stories of Kinship and Marriage Rules
Bush Medicine
Aboriginal owned
Operates on weekends

Darngku Heritage Cruises offer a unique tour experience through the majestic Geikie Gorge, exploring not only the spectacular geography of the area, but also providing our guests with an insight into the Kimberley region’s rich indigenous history and culture. Board one of their boats and hear timeless stories from the Dreamtime, learn surprising bush medicines and discover sacred sites as the towering Geikie Gorge rock-face drifts by.

On the way back you’ll hear more about the local plants and animals and the important part they play in the lives of the Bunuba people, and your guide will tell you Dreamtime stories that relate the beginning of the world in Bunuba terms.

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Forrest Road, Fitzroy Crossing 6765

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