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The WAITOC Board is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the Council. As a governing board, it guides and directs the Council, sets performance goals, ensures corporate compliance and management accountability, endorses strategic plans and approves operating budgets. The Board ensures that WAITOC has the resources necessary to achieve goals and outcomes on behalf of its members.

The Aboriginal Tourism Development Program  supports regional Aboriginal tourism enterprises that:

Have the capacity to add to the attraction of an area as a visitor destination, and;
Will lead to employment and income earning opportunities for Aboriginal people.

WAITOC is currently seeking Expressions of Interest (EOIs) from existing and emerging Aboriginal tourism businesses in the Kimberley and broader southern regions of WA (Peel, South West, Great Southern), to be part of this initiative. If your business fits this description, you are invited and encouraged to apply. WAITOC together with Government will consider the EOI submissions and identify the businesses that will be invited to participate.

Most of the businesses selected for the ATDP will already be existing. There will however be a small number of emerging or start-up businesses selected where the experiences offered by those businesses are critical to the development of a visitor destination.

The program funding is limited so Government has mandated to WAITOC that the program must have a focus on the targeted regions identified above.
Why is the State Government investing in the ATDP?

Sustainable Aboriginal tourism enterprises in the regions are needed if Western Australia is to deliver on visitor demands for extraordinary cultural experiences. A spread of these enterprises offering quality experiences will add to the attraction of Western Australia as a visitor destination.

Developing a sustainable tourism business in regional Western Australia is very challenging and targeted assistance through the ATDP will assist in creating a network of strong businesses.
What type of business is WAITOC looking for?

The businesses selected for the ATDP will have the potential to offer special experiences and in the process add to the attraction of the regions as a visitor destination. The selected businesses will, when fully developed, have the potential to offer sustainable employment and income opportunities for Aboriginal people.
What will the assistance entail?

There are a large number of challenges that a developing tourism enterprise faces. These may include such needs as - compliancy, online and traditional marketing, training, business planning, financial management, risk management, industry memberships and the various other costs involved in becoming accredited. A fully operational business will pay for such expenses out of operational funds, but in the development stage of any new business it is often a challenge to prioritise these activities and costs.

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