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Make Nature Your Class Room

Aug 18, 2017 -- Posted by : admin

Cultural tours, camps and activities
inspire and engage children, fostering
cultural awareness and interactive learning.

Student engagement and passion for learning is enhanced when we take the classroom outdoors and provide opportunities to interact with new environments and cultures . When students have an opportunity to learn outdoors they start to ‘live their learning’. This experiential method of teaching has been part of
traditional Aboriginal culture for millennia. Passing on skills and ancestral knowledge from one generation to the next through practising lore and maintaining customs has preserved the Aboriginal culture, making it the oldest living culture in the world today.
Aboriginal cultural tours and activities provide this same immersive learning experience, giving students the opportunity to explore authentic, project based learning in an outdoor classroom context. With hands on examples that include hunting and gathering, making tools and implements using only natural resources and fostering a deeper understanding of the unique cultural identity of the first Australians.
Many of the tours offer authentic ‘on country’ experiences, interacting with cultural custodians and elders, who share their knowledge of the land and offer an insight into Aboriginal culture through Dreaming stories, song, dance and a range of activities that encourage group participation and cooperation.


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