A new exhibition has opened at Martumili Artists’ Gallery in Newman, in collaboration with KJ (Kanyirninpa Julurrpa) Cultural Centre in Newman, called WARU (fire).

WARU is the first installation in a series of workshops, camps and exhibitions. Their goal is “the fostering of opportunities for intergenerational learning, and the showcasing of ways in which both ranger and artistic work are instrumental for maintaining Warrarnku Ninti (Knowledge of Country)”.

This exhibition’s goal is to showcase the importance of waru to the Martu people, as a tool for hunting, signalling and land management. This traditional knowledge is passed down from the Martu elders to the young people, as a way of preserving their cultural traditions.

The younger Martu artists will begin their career with their parents, grandparents and other extended family teaching them the painting techniques. It also teaches them this ancient knowledge that dates back over 60 000 years.

The WARU (fire) exhibition showcases the different uses, and significance of, waru to the Martu people. From talking about life cycles of nature reliant on fire, to the warmth one gains from sitting around the hearth, the WARU (fire) exhibition is a stunning display of history, traditions and growth.

Check them out here.

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