There is nothing better, to celebrate World Food Day, than all the delicious bush foods found all over WA. WAITOC grabbed an opportunity to sample some amazing native food flavours at Dale Tilbrook’s Bush Tucker Talks & Tastings event, presented in collaboration with Gather & Co.

Dale is much more than ‘just’ someone who learnt about native plants and is reciting her hard-earned knowledge to everyone. She is a storyteller, who invites a gathering of people to each of her favourite plants, including quandong, bush limes, bush parsley and wattle seed, just to name a few.

She presents the different flavours that these stunning plants can yield, but what’s even better, Gather & Co coordinate delicious foods that match the topic Dale is showcasing. We were treated to: pork belly with wattle seed sauce, chicken skewers marinated in bush lime, lamb meatballs with bush mint tzatziki and an array of other delicious treats.

Not only does Dale teach you about the different native plants   found in WA, she also encourages the personal exploration of   our own backyard. She helps guests with tips and tricks about   raising their own plants (and why they sometimes struggle to   survive).

 Dale introduces all the dishes with a generous portion of   humour, creating an awesome culinary fusion of great tasty   food and a good belly laugh! Guests get to smell and taste how   amazing Australia’s bushland actually is, while they learn how   each of the plants can be used for both seasoning and health   benefits.

What a mouth-watering way to be introduced to a whole new array of flavours (that grow in our own backyard!)

  You can visit Dale in the Swan Valley, and grab yourself a private treat, while you discover some floral secrets about this amazing land that we live on!

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