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Aboriginal Gourmet Experiences in WA Issue Three

Mar 7, 2014 -- Posted by : admin

WAITOC announces Neville Poelina from Uptuyu Aboriginal Adventures as the third featured operator in a series of Aboriginal food and drink showcase experiences in WA

Western Australia Indigenous Tourism Operators Council’s (WAITOC) Chairman, Doc Reynolds is pleased to feature another member as part of the Aboriginal Gourmet Experience series for 2014.

Over the course of 2014, WAITOC will showcase ten Aboriginal Gourmet Experiences across Australia, from food and produce, seafood, food events, cafes and restaurants.

Third in this ten month series is WAITOC Aboriginal tourism operator member, Uptuyu Aboriginal Adventures. Based in the Kimberley in Australia's North West region Neville Poelina's speciality has always been about providing an authentic experience and allowing guests to truly experience an Aboriginal cultural approach to hunting and gathering bush foods. It's about having the flexibility to seize the moment and make the most of what is happening around you. Whether Neville is escorting you to catch and cook fresh water prawns, barramundi, bush fruits or seeds, you can be sure that you are sharing in the best that the country you are traveling in has to offer.

Introducing his tour, Neville said “I have found that our guests have been totally impressed with being able to catch their own food. They love to see how it’s caught and processed and more importantly how delicious it tastes for something cooked so basically. This is not just about enjoying a meal together but expressing how our food is our medicine, prepared in the right way and eaten at the right time of the year shows that food is central to our culture. We have six seasons and only eat produce when it is at its best, we harvest only what is required, no more. Nature gives us the signs of what we should be eating and when, that is why we always eat the fat off the land.”. www.uptuyu.com.au

Speaking of Uptuyu Aboriginal Adventures, Simon Haigh, CEO of WAITOC said, “WAITOC’s Aboriginal Gourmet Experience campaign is intended to highlight the unique food, drink and culture experiences that Aboriginal tourism operators have to offer in WA. In recent times, we have seen the growing importance of culinary tourism. The key attributes People, Produce and Place behind Tourism Australia’s forthcoming Restaurant Australia campaign provides a memorable experience for the tourists. Culinary tourism is a great way to exchange cultures and is growing in popularity. Neville’s tour is again a great example of an Aboriginal Gourmet Experience, using ‘fresh’ and local flavours to be experienced in one of the world’s top destinations for international visitors."

Media Contact 
Mr Simon Haigh 
+61 (0)419 921 946

Mr Neville Poelina 
+61 (0)400 878898

Photo credit: James Fisher


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