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Aboriginal Gourmet Experiences in WA - Issue 10

Jul 3, 2015 -- Posted by : admin

WAITOC announces Roelands Village as the final featured operator in a series of Aboriginal food and drink showcase experiences in WA

Western Australia Indigenous Tourism Operators Council’s (WAITOC) Chairman, Robert Taylor is pleased to feature another member as part of the Aboriginal Gourmet Experience series for 2015. “One of WAITOC’s objectives is to increase the profile and number of experiences in Perth and the South West region of WA and Roelands Village is certainly developing to be one of the key destinations in the South West”.

The final operator in this series is WAITOC Aboriginal tourism operator member, Roelands Village (formerly known as Roelands Mission). Around 500 Aboriginal children were taken to the Roelands Mission from the 1940s to the 1970s. Now some of those people are transforming Roelands Village into a place of social business, education and healing.In 2004, the Indigenous Land Corporation bought the property on behalf of Woolkabunning Kiaka Incorporated representing the former residents and its purpose is now to promote the overall development of the Community.

Roelands Village is a pilot location for Australia under a joint venture between Woolkabunning Kiaka Inc and the Outback Academy for the establishment of the Outback Academy Roelands. A component of the Outback Academy Roelands is the RESPECT Hospitality and Business training for Aboriginal people. The program is undertaken with Ambassador for the Hospitality Program, Mr Mark Olive aka Black Olive, Australia’s only internationally acclaimed Aboriginal chef; Elders and local knowledge holders; and the training partner the South West Institute of Technology. The program was a pilot for 8-12 Aboriginal people in 2013 for accredited hospitality and business training. The program includes one of Australia’s most successful Indigenous led healing programs, Red Dust Healing alongside employability skills training. RESPECT and community and school based programs also encourage healthy eating, cultural strengthening through increased knowledge about bush foods, and cooking skills/programs.

Roelands Village aims to showcase the unique environment of the region as well as continue to build on what Roelands Village produces as a working farm, including farming native bush foods.

Mr Les Wallam, Executive Officer, Woolkabunning Kiaka Inc (Roelands Village) said that "the community is excited with the plans in expanding in the tourism sector. We currently cater for the MICE market in that we provide conference and catering facilities and are currently in the planning stages of incorporating cultural tours and a café with the view of training our people in the tourism and hospitality field. "

Speaking of Roelands Village, Simon Haigh, CEO of WAITOC said, "WAITOC's Aboriginal Gourmet Experience campaign is intended to highlight the unique food, drink and culture experiences that Aboriginal tourism operators have to offer in WA. In recent times, we have seen the growing importance of culinary tourism as a way to immerse yourself in the culture of the destination that you're visiting. Roelands Village being in a key food and wine destination in the South West is perfectly placed with the key attributes People, Produce and Place behind Tourism Australia's Restaurant Australia campaign providing a memorable experience for the tourists.

Media Contact
+61 (0)419 921 946

Mr Les Wallam
Roelands Village (WKI)
+61 (0)427 689 200


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