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Walyalup Aboriginal Cultural Centre

CATEGORY: Art, Retail, 
REGION : Perth
LOCATION : 12 Captain's Lane, Fremantle 6160
OWNERSHIP: Aboriginal owned
CONTACT : Manager
PHONE : +618 9430 7906
EMAIL : wacc@fremantle.wa.gov.au
WEB SITE : http://www.fremantle.wa.gov.au/wacc

Key Experiences

  • Learn about Aboriginal history and culture
  • Learn about the Aboriginal Dreamtime ( the Dreamtime are Aboriginal stories and legends of how their land was created)
  • Learn about the Noongar Six Seasons
  • Join a creative Aboriginal art or cultural workshop (e.g. bushfoods, painting, basket weaving, Noongar language)
  • Shop for authentic Aboriginal art gifts and memorabilia

The Walyalup Aboriginal Cultural Centre (WACC) showcases local Aboriginal art, culture and history through various exhibitions, workshops, film screenings, music and tours throughout the year.

Our opening hours are from Thursday–Friday 10am–3pm.

Our programs coincide with the six Nyoongar seasons: Kambarang: October/November. The wildflower season and birth of many birds. Birak: December/January. Nyoongars family groups moving together on the coast. Bunuru: February/March. The hot season, camped on the coast, fishing and gathering coastal delicacies. Djeran: April/May. The fat season, salmon schooling and couples paired up. Makuru: June/July. Nyoongars go back inland, fertility seasons and swans moulting. Current Program. Djiba: August/September. Grass season and time to harvest root vegetables.

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