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The Storytellers - Keepers of the Dreaming

CATEGORY: Art, Retail, 
REGION : Coral Coast
LOCATION : Shop 4, 221 Hampton Road, Northhampton 6535
OWNERSHIP: Aboriginal owned & operated
CONTACT : Helen Nutter
PHONE : (08) 9934 2341
EMAIL : helennutter@gmail.com
WEB SITE : https://facebook.com/TheStorytellersKeepers

Key Experiences

Observe Aboriginal art and craft being created (painting basket weaving wood carving or burning jewellery making etc)
Visit or shop at an Aboriginal art gallery with authentic arts and crafts

Aboriginal people have a very strong and spiritual culture. Tradition and custom is culture, this is the way of life for the Aboriginal people. The law of the land for the Aboriginal people is passed down from generation to generation from their ancestors. The stories of the Aboriginal people stem from the past, which becomes their present and then develops into the future. The history of how the world was created is formed by the different beliefs of the Aboriginal people.

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