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Mandurah and Peel Tourism Organisation

CATEGORY: Associate Member, 
REGION : Perth
LOCATION : 58 Anstruther Road, Mandurah
CONTACT : Karen Priest
PHONE : +61 8 9534 7515
EMAIL : karen.priest@mapto.com.au
WEB SITE : https://www.mapto.com.au/

Products & Services

  • Anytime Adventures marketing toolkit
  • Marketing & Business Development toolkit
  • Tourism E-kit

Recognising the importance of tourism throughout Peel, MAPTO is focused on delivering a well-managed and accessible program of tourism marketing and on providing a professional level of destination development, including the development of key infrastructure assets, destination planning and advice on effective policy outcomes. The ability to work across these two key areas will open up important opportunities to target the growth of tourism in a sustainable and well thought out fashion. Working collaboratively with all stakeholders is fundamental to our success.

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