Darngku Heritage Cruises

REGION : Kimberley
LOCATION : Forrest Road, Fitzroy Crossing 6765
OWNERSHIP: Aboriginal owned
CONTACT : Mr and Mrs Bill and Mary Aiken - Operators
PHONE : +61 8 9191 5552
EMAIL : dargku@bigpond.com
WEB SITE : http://www.darngku.com.au

Key Experiences

  • Tours of sacred and historic Aboriginal sites with a local Aboriginal tour guide
  • Learning about the Aboriginal Dreamtime ( the Dreamtime are Aboriginal stories and legends of how their land was created).
  • Learn about traditional Aboriginal hunting / gathering.
  • Learn about Aboriginal history and culture.

Explore the Geike Gorge (Danggu) around Fitzroy Crossing on half day, 1 hour, 2 hour & 3 hour cruises with a local indigenous guide.
Charters on application.

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