Dampier Island Tourism

REGION : Pilbara
LOCATION : -, Karratha
CONTACT : Shane McCulloch Peters
PHONE : +61 457 456 641
EMAIL : dampierislandtourism@gmail.com
WEB SITE : https://dampierislandtourism.com.au/

Key Experiences

  • Learning about the Aboriginal Dreamtime ( the Dreamtime are Aboriginal stories and legends of how the land was created)
  • Learn about traditional Aboriginal hunting / gathering
  • Learn about Aboriginal history and culture

From a relaxing Bus Trip to the excitment of a Helicopter ride across the Pilbara.

Our tours are designed to to meet your needs.Try a Motorcycle trip or a Boat Cruise to your over night Camping spot on an Island and then swim in the warm waters of the Pilbara.

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