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Ardyaloon Trochus Hatchery & Aquaculture Centre

CATEGORY: Tours, Retail, 
REGION : Kimberley
LOCATION : One Arm Point, Dampier Peninsula
OWNERSHIP: Aboriginal owned & operated
CONTACT : Jeremiah Riley
PHONE : +61 8 9192 4930
EMAIL : hatchery@ardyaloon.org.au
WEB SITE : http://ardyaloon.org.au

Key Experiences

  • Learning about the Aboriginal Dreamtime ( the Dreamtime are Aboriginal stories and legends of how the land was created)
  • Learn about traditional Aboriginal hunting / gathering
  • Learn about Aboriginal history and culture

Located at the tip of the Dampier Peninsula, One Arm Point, or Ardyaloon as it is called in Bardi is home to approximately 400 people. The region is home to expansive mangrove systems and sensitive coastal areas, making it a beautiful place to experience the massive tidal flows of the King Sound.
The Bardi Jawi retain a strong connection to their rich culture and saltwater traditions, passed down from their ancestors who lived on the surrounding islands as well as the mainland.

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