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Entries now closed, Thankyou  to all those who entered.

Thank You to everyone who entered this campaign,
we received around 700 entries and heaps of awesome feedback.

Prize Winners

Ewen Mitchell
E1 - Saltwater Culture
I love the way the aboriginal people use the sea as a resource without stressing the environment.

Greg Downes
E2 - Shark Bay Castaway
I love the long , straight red road. It typifies our great country.
I love the water at Shark Bay.

Carla Thomas
E3 - Catching a Feed

"Just like KFC" love how they explain the cooking steps and showing the appliances and utensils.

Matt Baldock
E4 - How to Make Fire

I learnt something from this one.

Julie Colegate
E5 - Home Schooling

It shows a range of cultural experiences something I feel should be apart of ALL kids school curriculum great way to teach kids about their culture.

Kathryn O'Callaghan
E6 - Legends & Landscapes
Just seeing the beauty of this land and hearing the legends was fascinating and makes you really want to know see and know more.

Chelle Field
E7 - Catch n Cook
I decided to change careers at age 48 and become a cook in a camp for children at risk. I would love to teach them all back to basic cooking straight from nature onto the plate, it is life skills that kids these days don't seem to be taught, they need to get off their electronics and learn basic survival skills

Sarah Hinton
E8 - Honeyant Hunters
Honeyants are delicious! We are blessed to live on such abundant land that provides nom-nom treats. I love hearing stories from locals about bush tucker and it's many uses.

Chelsea Bell
E9 - Snappy Lunches
Made me laugh!

Neridah Monck
E10 - Night Fishing
Cricket, Beach sand, Sunsets, Friends and Fishing. How lucky are we....

Douglas Joyce
E11 - Smoked Ngari
I live in this area & want to learn from the Aboriginal people from here.

Monique Ceccato
E12 - Carving & Chillin'
I've met Bruce Wiggan and I could have spent all day learning from him. His craft is incredible, and he's such a character of a man. If I could, I would be back up at Cygnet Bay Pearl's in a heartbeat.

Michelle McArthur
E13 - Native Smoking Sticks

This postcard showcases all the amazing native plants we all see but little do we know all the bush healing qualities they possess. It makes me want to know more.

Katy  Wedderburn
E14 - Kimberley Kids
I worked in Derby/Mt Barnett in 2016, I miss the brave, beautiful, interesting Kimberley Kids I watched grow up in that time.

Kylie Gordon
E15 - Beach Life

It looks so unspoilt. I'd love the privilege of visiting under the guide of its traditional owners.

Gillian Woods
E16 Trainee Tour Guide
Its wonderful to see the younger generations both boys & girls learning their Culture from their Father's and amazing Role Models who 'share & care for their country'.  The clip was fantastic highlighting best practices to care for - the waters, animals, environment, and when to be gentle! Loved It :-)

Julie Pettit
E17 - The Workshops are Busy
Fantastic part of our state.

Tobi Galley
E18 - Caring for Country
It will deepen my knowledge so that I can embed information in my music and drama  program at school. Helping us to create performances with important messages.

Jennifer Cooper
E19 - Colours of Our Country

I love the natural beauty of the Kimberley I have only experienced on film or books would l love to see it for real.  To see touch and smell a dream come true.

Charlie Apps
E20 - Mudskipping the Crowds
Its something intriguing and quirky that could be so easily overlooked. Our state is full of hidden wonders just waiting to be uncovered. Experiences like this inspire people to pay closer attention to the environments they inhabit and visit.

Peter Sargeant
E14 - Kimberley Kids

I used to be a Kimberley Kid before we left Kununurra when I was a teenager.

Nickie Punch
E2 - Shark Bay Castaway
Livin' in the city, its been rough these days, so I been dreaming of a castaway, all night and all day, I'd rather be in Shark Bay!

Joanna Dropulich
E2 - Shark Bay Castaway
It gave me a giggle! But seriously it beautifully demonstrates how Aboriginal people can live harmoniously with the land, sea and the animals that inhabit those areas.  No boundaries, no rules, no destruction, just being at peace with nature.

Simone Warden
E2 - Shark Bay Castaway
The opportunity to learn and grow in my knowledge from the wisdom of those who know this land combined with a love for the harmony and tranquility of the coast. Have always wanted to visit Shark Bay!

Ian Dunstan
E1 - Saltwater Culture
It looks like a place I really want to be warm and welcoming.

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