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    WA Aboriginal Tourism Stars Shine Across The State

    The Western Australian Indigenous Tourism Operators Council - WAITOC - and member businesses from around the State celebrated the Tourism Award wins for three unique Aboriginal Tourism experiences at three magical locations from the north to the south of WA.


    From left: Clinton Walker (Ngurrangga Tours), Jo Camilleri & Neville Poelina (Uptuyu), Jessica Priestly and Josh Whiteland (Koomal Dreaming) 

    Gold for Ngurrangga Tours - in the Pilbara 


    Gold for Clinton Walker & Family

    This first time entrant soared straight to gold!  Showcasing one of the world's most ancient landscapes - over 2.5 billion years old - where the Aboriginal people have lived for more than 40,000 years. Almost too excited for words, owner/operator, Clinton Walker said "I'm so proud to receive this award for my business, for my family, but above all for Aboriginal tourism in the Pilbara region - it casts a much-needed spotlight on these ancient landscapes which lie at the very heart of WA's outback - so rich in natural treasures and cultural diversity". Clinton's range of tour options include a visit to the world's largest open air art gallery -  the Murujuga National Park - which houses the highest concentration of rock art in the world, featuring around one million engravings across the entire Burrup Peninsula and Dampier Archipelago. Tour guests are treated to exclusive cultural insights, sacred sites and stories - created by the Yaburrara (Northern Ngarluma) people. These rock art sites have been dated back to the ice age. And your journey with Clinton will encompass some of the Pilbara's most beautiful, colourful landscapes.  Visit Ngurrangga Tours' website here

    In the Kimberley - Uptuyu Aboriginal Adventures Won their 6th State Tourism Award


    Multi Award Winners - Neville Poelina and Jo Camilleri

    Uptuyu offer nature-based 4WD adventure tours to small groups, showcasing breathtaking locations and exclusive spots which are only accessible with a local custodian. Not 'just' a tour - this is a Bush Rendezvous through one of the world's last great wilderness frontiers, where you will discover traditional food and medicine as you explore the Aboriginal Kimberley and its history. Passionate about sharing cultural immersion at a remote and intimate setting without compromising the welfare of their guests, Uptuyu places special emphasis on the finer details, ensuring that safety and comfort thread the trail of every journey. And all along the way, your Uptuyu tour guide will offer flexible options - if there are places or topics of particular interest, they will be tagged into your own, specially tailored experience - it's UPTUYU!      Visit Uptuyu's website here

    In Margaret River - Koomal Dreaming joined the Hall of Fame


    Josh Whiteland and Jessica Priestly join the Hall of Fame

    Following three consecutive gold awards, Koomal Dreaming has now entered the WA Tourism Hall of Fame. Welcome to Country, Didgeridoo Music Performances, Cultural Awareness and Education Programmes and Cultural Tours - their product portfolio comprises a wide range of options - testifying the      many years of passion and hard work that Josh Whiteland and Jessica Priestly have invested in the organisation. Explore the Dreamtime story of Ngilgi Cave and experience a Didgeridoo performance - a live 'rock' concert. Fire making and traditional cooking are popular tour topics along with interactive opportunities to try your hand at foraging and gathering as you explore some of the South West coastal trails with Josh - immersing your senses in the culture and traditions of the Wadandi and Bibbulman people.  Visit Koomal Dreaming's website here  

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