WAITOC Brand Story

“WAITOC delivers partnership solutions for those who wish to engage with Aboriginal tourism in a manner that produces mutual benefits”

The objectives that guide the forward activities and operation of WAITOC are

a. To promote and raise the profile of Western Australia Aboriginal Tourism on a State, National and International level.

b/d. To encourage and support existing, new and emerging Aboriginal tourism operators in Western Australia.

c. To encourage greater collaboration between Aboriginal tourism operators and non-Aboriginal tourism operators including the promotion of joint ventures.

e. To encourage employment of Aboriginal people by the wider tourism industry.

f. To encourage and develop a better relationship between Aboriginal tourism operators and State, Federal and private tourism organisations.

WAITOC Core Values

1. Connection to Country – WAITOC believes in the intergenerational rights/obligations of Aboriginal language groups for the spiritual maintenance of the land. This provides the basis for advocacy

2. Corroboree – WAITOC is a place where people with an interest in Aboriginal tourism can come together to share, learn and benefit from each other. This provides the basis for networking

3. Welcome to Country – WAITOC believes that together, provision of safe passage and reciprocal acknowledgement, results in mutual benefits. The importance of mutual benefits provides the basis for WAITOC’s development of effective partnerships.