Indigenous Tourism Profile

Aboriginal Tourism Profile

WAITOC strives to make Aboriginal tourism an integral part of mainstream tourism, rather than a specialised niche.

The latest research shows that a significant percentage of overseas visitors are seeking an Aboriginal cultural experience, but only a small number were able to as the information is not very accessible to tourists. This is a statistic that WAITOC has gained inspiration from.

WAITOC aspires to promote the Aboriginal tourism experience and in doing so foster the development of new, culturally authentic Aboriginal tourism ventures that will attract visitors to Western Australia and ensure that they receive the authentic Aboriginal tourism experience they seek.

Helping to provide authentic Aboriginal cultural experiences. 

A key objective of WAITOC is to enhance customer experience by contributing to the improved quality and authenticity of Aboriginal tourism products. Because of these enhanced experiences, visitors will have a desire to return to Western Australia for a repeat experience and will encourage their network of family and friends to travel to seek a similar experience in Western Australia. The National Aboriginal Tourism Product Manual produced by Tourism Australia has shown that Western Australia offers more authentic Aboriginal product that any other State or Territory.

WAITOC presents and participates in a series of marketing and promotional activities each year to promote Western Australia as the premier Aboriginal tourism experience destination, raising awareness within mainstream tourism as well as Australian consumers of the unique Aboriginal tourism experiences available in Western Australia.