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Simon is one of those people who make you smile every time you meet with them. He is a natural when it comes to relationship building. Simon’s current career path is multifaceted and includes roles as the Director for Regions for NZ Māori Tourism, sitting on the board for NZ Māori Rugby League and a trustee for Parihaka Papakainga Trust.

This husband of a passionate Aussie (Leesa) and father of two growing boys has had a very interesting journey to date.

Born in Hamilton, Simons Mum (Pakeha) and Dad (Maori) moved to Hawera when he was 6 months old. His parents were entrepreneurs always involved in businesses, whether that would be retail, hospitality or farming and Simon credits much of his business interest to those memories of family business interests in the early days.

Over the past decade Simon has immersed himself in his passion for Māori economic development and through his latest role, as Director of Regions at NZ Māori Tourism, he has gained a real understanding for small to medium enterprises (SMEs) in the tourism space.